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What Are The Advantages Of Having An Intro Video On Your Website?

You may be a solopreneur or an organization that wants to promote your product or service on the internet and planning to build a website or upgrade an existing one. When you want to create an impact and stand apart from the noise, you have to do something different.

Almost every other website bombards its visitors with elegant writing, a lot of text, or even visuals. With monotony everywhere, people are attracted to innovations or anything different that catches their fancy.  Intro videos are a terrific idea to introduce your company and brand to new visitors to your website. It not only increases engagement but also improves your website’s identity and improves your relationship with your customers.

Below, we give five reasons why you should incorporate video on your website; here are the highlights:

  1. Selling is all about conveying a narrative, and videos are a great way to tell your story.
  2. People stay on your website longer and are more engaged with your content when you use videos.
  3. People do business with people, and video allows them to get to know, like, and trust you.
  4. Videos keep your audience’s attention.
  5. Videos are quick and convey fast.

Sharing in detail the significance of having an intro video on your website.

Build A Lasting Impression

When potential clients want to learn more about your services, they’ll go to your website first. Including a decent introduction video on your website demonstrates your professionalism. Wondering where to start? Use the best intro maker to build a lasting impression about yourself and your brand.

An opening video conveys information more effectively and quickly. In general, a shorter video is preferred, and videos should not last more than 2 minutes as the human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish.

A Video Gives Better Instruction

A website has a lot of material on numerous pages that are all connected. In this situation, your website should also have an introduction to entice visitors to explore the rest of your site. And if it’s a video-based introduction, that’s an extra feature.

An intro video might provide more information about the company’s offerings, culture, and goals. Incorporating actual individuals into your film will give a human touch and add to its charm.

You may include a true narrative about your venture and tell how you overcome obstacles while developing a product or service. What you have to do is create a video and then with video editing tools, add perfection to it.

You don’t have the equipment needed? Work with someone who has the appropriate skills and equipment.

Engage With Your Customers At A Personal Level

The main goal of your opening video is to engage and connect your viewers. The easiest way to achieve this is to explain what it’s like to work with you and your team. And your personality is a wonderful approach to show folks what it’s like to work with you. With so much content on your website, it’s difficult to portray your company’s individuality. Videos, on the other hand, allow you to show people how you appear, sound and act.

Through your introductory video, you may address their queries about your personality and the culture of your firm. Another advantage of video is that it allows you to connect with your visitors on a more personal level, allowing them to get to know you better. People want to do business with people and through your video, you can create a better engagement with your website visitors.


Give Them Direction

After arriving on your webpage, do your visitors know what to do next? Sometimes they don’t know where to start. You may provide each visitor the power of navigation with your video. You may have mentioned anything that piqued their curiosity. This is very useful when demonstrating to customers how to use your product or describing how your service may help them achieve their goals. They’ll be curious to learn more about the product or service.

Many organizations have introduced lead capture forms as a unique way to get more leads while adding value to their website visitors. Every business needs leads, so some businesses may ask visitors to share their email addresses to continue viewing a video, which is a fantastic trade idea.

According to Unbounce, “ Approximately 30% of the page visitors watch your intro video, and 50% of them watch it till the end.”

Another advantage of using a video is that sites with an opening video on their homepage had a 10% boost in conversion rates. So, there you can comprehend how your video can become a new conversion tool for you.

Make Yourself Stand Out From the Crowd

Many organizations are still unaware of the benefits of video featuring websites, and a few of the firms are taking advantage of this. Before your competitors take advantage of online video marketing, you may have a welcome video on your website sharing your brand message.

You may use videos to reach out to new website visitors and create a memorable first impression.

A Proven Method

An introductory video is a tried-and-tested strategy that has several advantages. Many successful firms include an opening video on their website, which is the strongest proof for this.

Encourage viewers to do the following with your video:

  • Look around the rest of your website.
  • Use social media to promote your video.
  • Take some of the suggested next steps from the video.

If you’re still not convinced, here is a list of a few big companies with websites having fantastic opening videos.

  1. Dollar Shave Club
  2. Color Me Red
  3. Tough Mudder
  4. Shopify

Final Thoughts

It is not difficult to create an introduction video; an intro maker may make the process simple. With several online tools accessible on the market, even video editing has become easier than before.

Reap the benefits of technological advancements and accelerate your branding experience by creating an attractive website with new conversion strategies and growing your venture.

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