Software Development – Definition, The 7 Best Companies of 2021

Software Development Definition

Software development companies help businesses build everything from web and mobile apps to custom software platforms to meet unique needs.

Some of the world’s largest companies rely on the expertise of software development companies to build apps and software for their internal needs and customers.

There are hundreds of software companies that offer end-to-end and specialized services for businesses of all sizes.

We looked at two dozen of the most established companies in the space and chose the best based on reputation, specialization, consulting and team development services, and more.

Here are some of the best software Benefits of no code development companies available to help businesses with their programming needs.

The 7 Best Software Development Companies of 2021

1. ScienceSoft

  • ScienceSoft started as a small artificial intelligence (AI) product company in McKinney, Texas, in 1989. In 2002, it made the switch to IT services and had since become a leading IT consulting and software development company with over 700 employees and customers in 37 countries.
  • ScienceSoft is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating from the organization. It tops our list due to its impressive roster of clients and the large pool of talent world.
  • ScienceSoft’s professional software development assists the healthcare, banking, finance, retail, telecommunications, education, transportation, and logistics industries. The company’s clients include IBM, eBay, T-Mobile, Walmart, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Nestlé.
  • Among its primary offerings, ScienceSoft lists software development outsourcing to support business growth and digital transformation, custom software development for Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized businesses, and software clients product development for mobile and desktop apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.
  • Building on its origins, the company has also become an innovative leader in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), computer vision, and augmented and virtual reality.
  • Among the company’s highlights are a product lifecycle management (PLM) software used by global companies, including Coca-Cola, Tesco, L’Oréal, and Procter & Gamble. It is also the creator of Viber, an instant messaging and VoIP app with over 900 million active users worldwide.
  • Although ScienceSoft’s website doesn’t provide any additional details, it uses a combination of a fixed price, time and material, consumption-based, and monthly subscription pricing models.

2. Intellectsoft

  • Founded in 2007, Intellectsoft is a California-based company specializing in custom software engineering, with over 350 employees in six offices worldwide and over 500 clients.
  • The company’s top service offerings are UI and UX, DevOps, and mobile apps development. Intellectsoft is not accredited with the BBB but enjoys an A+ rating from the organization.
  • It comes in second on our list because, though smaller, the company’s talent pool is still imposing and has a long list of specialities.
  • Intellectsoft’s commitment to quality has gained an impressive list of clients, including Universal Studios, Guinness, Eurostar, Harley Davidson, and Land Rover.
  • The company uses a boutique-style methodology for customized approaches that help build long-term partnerships with its clients.
  • Intellectsoft also employs a 360-degree approach covering the entire lifecycle of application design, integration, and management.
  • Intellectsoft uses a five-step software development roadmap that offers its clients access to its top-tier team of engineers.
  • Clients can also choose from multiple collaboration options designed to scale projects quickly. The company also boasts that its development and delivery process and pricing models save clients up to 50% in research and development costs.
  • In addition to custom software development, Intellectsoft also offers quality assurance (QA) services and has tested complex enterprise software for Fortune 500 companies.
  • The company can also hire dedicated development teams and provide strategic IT consulting to help its clients digitalize operations and implement new technologies.

3. Oxagile

  • Founded in 2005, Oxagile is a software development company based in New York and specializing in business intelligence, big data consulting, AI, and custom software and web development.
  • It boasts more than 450 clients in over 30 verticals, including media and entertainment, healthcare, finance, e-learning, and banking. Oxagile is accredited with the BBB and enjoys an A+ rating from the organization.
  • It comes in third on our list since its focus on complex data management may be more than most businesses need.
  • Among its list of custom software development services, Oxagile specializes in online video management, including over-the-top (OTT) streaming media technology, video conferencing systems, and multi-screen apps for top clients like Vodafone, Telecom Argentina, and Discovery Communications.
  • Oxagile employs a tested agile process tailored to its client’s needs and transparency standards.
  • The company uses active communication and reporting to optimize performance and maintain the flexibility to make changes along the way.
  • Oxagile achieves outstanding code quality by maintaining сode style guidelines and best practices around source code workflows across all teams.
  • Oxagile also offers three engagement models to suit the needs of its clients. The first is project-based with fixed bids, a clear project scope. And a detailed release roadmap to keep projects going over budget.
  • The time and materials model works best with loosely defined requirements and offers budget flexibility, so clients only pay for the resources used. Finally, Oxagile’s team-based model helps its clients quickly bring in highly specialized talent and save on recruitment costs.

4. DockYard

  • Founded in 2010, DockYard is a digital product agency based in Boston, Mass., offering custom software, mobile, and web application development.
  • As a 100% small company, it can draw upon the best talent from anywhere in the U.S. and can collaborate digitally with ease.
  • DockYard is not accredited with the BBB but enjoys an A+ rating from the organization.
  • It comes in fourth on our list since the company is relatively young, and its utterly remote workforce might be off-putting to some businesses.
  • DockYard specializes in product strategy and design, engineering, testing and QA, project management, and training and support.
  • The company serves various industries, including financial, retail, IT, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and entertainment.
  • Among its roster of clients are Netflix, Apple, Fidelity, Constant Contact, and Harvard University.
  • DockYard is a full-service software engineering company offering every aspect of digital product development. It including product strategy, product design, and full-stack engineering.
  • The company also focuses on superior user experience (UI) bolstered by smart usability scrupulous coding.
  • DockYard is also at the front line of advancing web development technologies. The company utilizes proven, open-source technologies, including Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Ember.js, React.js, Elixir. And Ruby—technologies adopted by Google, IBM, and Microsoft—for easy migration, long-term maintainability, and security.
  • One additional service DockYard offers staff augmentation. This allows it to provide short- or long-term staffing support for its clients who only have to pay for what they need.
  • DockYard can also embed its consultants in its clients’ companies to help accelerate the success of any project.

5. OpenXcell

  • OpenXcell is a software development company founded in 2009, focusing on open-source software solutions like Drupal and WordPress.
  • It moved into mobile app development two years later and currently has over 300 employees providing solutions for more than 800 clients.
  • The company is not listed with the BBB but does have a 4.8 out of five ratings on Clutch. Co-based on 21 reviews. It ranks fifth on our list due to its lack of transparent pricing.
  • OpenXcell’s speciality is mobile app development, using four fundamental principles: scalability, usability, security, and performance.
  • It offers a full-stack of app development services, including UI design using statistical and psychological research, programming, testing, and ongoing support and maintenance.
  • OpenXcell also brings the same level of quality and transparency to its other software development services.
  • These include a DevOps approach that encourages collaboration between departments and teams for faster results. And code release and business intelligence using advanced analytics, data management. And data visualization to create user-friendly systems that scale with each business.
  • While OpenXcell doesn’t offer pricing on its website, customers can request a free, no-obligation quote.
  • All proposals include a free 45-minute consultation, a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA), free market and competitive analysis suggestions on revenue models and planning. An action plan to help clients kickstart their project.

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6. SumatoSoft

  • Since 2012, Boston-based SumatoSoft has been building custom software and delivering turnkey projects to small and medium-sized businesses and startups.
  • The company specializes in high-end web, mobile, and IoT solutions for the ad technology and marketing, education technology, e-commerce, and logistics and transportation industries.
  • The company not list with the BBB but does have a 4.8 out of five ratings on Clutch. Co-based on 14 reviews. It’s sixth on our list due to its specialized, narrower industry focus.
  • SumatoSoft is a relatively small company compared to the others we reviewed, with around 50 team members in 27 countries.
  • Nonetheless, the company has successfully implemented over 100 projects and gained a 98% satisfaction rate from its clients, Toyota. Seventy per cent of SumatoSoft’s staff are software engineers.
  • SumatoSoft also prides itself as a tech partner for startups and startup accelerators.
  • It offers technical app development consultation, including project estimations, proof of concept. And minimum viable product (MVP) development for early adoption users.
  • SumatoSoft also provides its clients with a fast development cycle with dedicated team scalability and flexibility.
  • Like many of the software development companies we reviewed, SumatoSoft doesn’t list its prices on its website. However, customers can request a free quote.
  • All details of each request protect by an NDA and include a detailed time and cost estimation.


  • was founded in Lisbon in 2015 by four professionals experienced in creating their separate startups.
  • The founders’ direct experience in building startups from the ground up gave them a mastery of lean product development to streamline development for their clients.
  • The company not list with the BBB but has 4.9 out of five ratings on Clutch. Co-based on ten reviews.
  • It ranks last on our list because it is a newer company that, while well-reviewed, has not yet gained any high-profile clients.
  • Since had no direct experience in product development, they built the company by gathering the top talent in product, UX/UI, software development, and machine and deep learning.
  • Paired with the founders’ savvy business acumen, the company has developed a user-centric approach to product innovation. And software development based on fully understanding the business needs of its clients before building anything.
  • With a staff of less than 50, doesn’t yet have a list of high-profile clients. Nonetheless, it has created many groundbreaking and innovative software solutions for its clients.
  • These include Audio Test Kitchen, which allows audio engineers to compare the sound of different audio gear. A Pinterest-meets-Quora-style platform for beauty products called Teezler. And a fintech tool lets financial institutions assess the credit scoring of offline retailers.
  • Unlike most software developers who don’t even broach the topic of pricing. offers a price simulator that gives customers an idea of costs based on the scope of their project.
  • The company even explains its Seed program, which allows it to streamline production. And development with modules that serve as the common foundation of most software projects.

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