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A Guide to Rosland Capital Reviews

Rosland precious metal investments have recently triggered more interest in investors than stock investments. The collision of the stock market in 2007/2008 has proven the instability of these assets, as the economy suffered a major downturn, similar to the time of the Great Depression.

Precious Metals, however, aren’t negatively affected by unfavorable economic conditions, as their prices increase when the economy is doing badly. Nowadays, precious metal dealers, like Rosland Capital, enable individuals to purchase such metals. Most investors wonder Is Rosland Capital a good IRA?

Discover the answer and much more information below.

About the company

The office of Rosland Capital in the United Kingdom was set up in 2014. It started out small but managed to grow significantly. It specializes in distinct sector coins, including those that have been recently minted. Rosland Capital operates on an international level by opening offices in Germany, France, Sweden, and Latin America.

The Rosland office in Munich, Germany, was opened five years ago in 2017. The one in France started only a year ago, whereas Roseland Latin America is the most recent branch, specializing in the international coin sector. Apart from the headquarters based in Los Angeles, there are several more branches spread across America.

Some of the most important branches are based in London and Munich. There are branches in Hong Kong and Sweden, too. The CEO of the company, Martin Aleksov, is a well-known name in the precious metals industry, as well as one of the oldest.


Rosland Capital provides gold and silver IRAs for investors. The former enables individuals to store physical gold in a self-directed account. It’s much safer compared to traditional or Roth IRAs. Clients can roll over other retirement accounts, such as 401(k), to gold IRAs. Check out twelve easy ways to roll over an IRA.

The latter allows individuals to invest in physical silver. Such silver investments are considered safer than those in gold, as the required investment is lower. Nevertheless, the selling price of the metal is lower as well. In view of delivery, Rosland Capital provides delivery in the course of ten days following the purchase.

Besides a delivery service, this company can store precious metals on your behalf. While personal storage is authorized, investors will be charged taxes for storing their assets at home. Therefore, Rosland Capital advises its clients to store their metals in an IRS-approved custodian company. This company opts for the non-segregated way of storing metals, meaning they are stored along with others.

How to set

How to set up an account?

The process of setting up a silver or gold IRA with Rosland Capital is effortless. There are several ways in which you can start the procedure, such as by calling the company’s number listed on the website. Rosland also offers a free IRA kit to potential clients by requiring them to enter their first name, surname, region, and email address.

Another way of getting in touch with the company to set up an account is by visiting one of their branches personally. Each client is assigned a personal accountant who’s in charge of explaining the process and taking the client through the requirements. Upon deciding to set up a specific IRA, the company will send you institutional equity forms, IRA administrators, and its agreement for customers.

After delivering these items to you, Rosland Capital will open the account for you and discuss the metals that you wish to invest in. It’s their job to make sure that clients adhere to the IRS rules. Whether you fund your account directly or via wire transfer, the company will arrange for the assets to be delivered to a particular Delaware depository, as part of the Equity Institutional custodian chain.



Rosland Capital offers an array of ten precious metals, but its main focus is placed on gold. The company offers a variety of eighty different types of gold coins, including bullion coins like the American Gold Buffalo and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. The Ayton Senna gold coin is among the most affirmed gold coins in its depository.

Moreover, this specific coin was designed by establishing collaboration with the Ayton Senna Institute in 2018. More importantly, a portion of the coin’s value goes to underprivileged children. The Rosland Capital list offers over forty types of silver coins, including silver bullion coins like the silver Canadian Maple Leaf.

The William Silver coin is on the list of valuable silver coins, created for the purpose of celebrating forty years of Williams Racing. Only a limited number of four hundred coins were minted in the United Kingdom. Although Rosland Capital mainly works with silver and gold IRAs, they also include a platinum bullion bar with a PAMP logo.

Furthermore, any bar with the PAMP logo is accepted by investment companies and banks on a worldwide level. Platinum is believed to store its value, just like gold, when the economic conditions aren’t favorable. The following link,, provides useful information about platinum investments.

Rosland Capital offers a selection of fourteen precious bullion and collector coins, like the sovereign gold coin minted by the Royal Mint. It also features a limited selection of premium coins, such as the British Museum Lewis Chessmen the Knight. There is a range of exclusive specialty coins only available for purchase at Rosland Capital, which is part of the collector’s edition.

The company itself has designed some of the coins, such as those minted in the celebration of the Player’s Championship and the President’s Cup. The British Museum is known for having a masterpiece coin collection with Rosland. It offers IRA-eligible coins and bars, which are minted in the US and other foreign countries according to bullion standards.

Some of these IRS-eligible pieces include the American Eagle gold and silver coin, the Vienna Philharmonic coin, the American Buffalo variant, etc. Rosland Capital has also designed special coins for the Formula One Championship two years ago, minted in Switzerland.


As far as fees are concerned, investors must be prepared to pay several fees to become members of Rosland Capital. The initial fee for setup is $50, whereas the annual cost for administration is $225. The storage cost is paid separately. The minimum money sum required for setting up an account is $10,000. Nevertheless, each potential client should discuss and verify these fees with a company representative prior to signing an agreement.


The ratings of Rosland Capital are worth exploring, as they reveal a lot about the reputation of the company. For instance, the Better Business Bureau rating of Rosland is A+, which is the highest rating awarded to businesses. BBB reports of 2021 state that over the past three years, eighteen complaints were closed. Just four of them were closed in 2021.

The largest part of the complaints, exactly nine of them, was related to the products. Four complaints were filed because of delivery issues, two due to billing problems, and three because of advertisement issues. The rating of Rosland Capital on Trustlink is 3.5 out of five stars based on seventy reviews.

In addition, the rating of the company on the Business Consumer Alliance is AAA, with five registered complaints. Most of them were related to the refusal of the company to adjust to the requests of the clients. Conversely, the Retirement Living site has rated Rosland Capital by awarding it 4.1 out of 5 stars. The lowest rating was a result of their customer service, as clients weren’t exactly pleased with the attention they got from the representatives.

Pros and cons

The benefits of investing in this company are the opportunities for investors to purchase exclusive specialty coins made from gold and silver, as well as collaborate with experienced representatives during the account setup process. They provide domestic and international precious metal sales.

On the negative side, the website tends to use third-party links to services Rosland Capital has no control of. Another disadvantage is that the costs for setting up an account aren’t shared on the website, which indicates a lack of transparency. The main complaints filed by customers are related to its overpriced metals, late delivery, rude behavior of the employees, lack of flexibility to clients’ requirements, product misplacement, etc. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that the positive comments outnumbered the negative ones.

A final note

We hope the above-mentioned information has taught you everything about Rosland Capital, its products, and its services!

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