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5 Things Your Retail Business Can Promote with Custom Banners

As a retail business owner, you know how important it is to promote your business to both loyal and new customers. Nowadays, this takes more than just a simple ad. You need to use multiple channels and mediums to reach your customers. Emails may never get to new customers and could be overlooked in the busy inbox of even your most loyal customers. However, for business owners with brick-and-mortar locations, people are constantly passing by your storefront.

One effective way to attract customers and promote what you have going on is to use custom banners outside your business. Of course, once they are in your store, you can also use banners to direct them to merchandise you want to move.

Here are five things your retail business can promote with custom banners:

  1. Sales Events      

Using custom vinyl banners to promote a sales event is a no-brainer. Whether it’s an annual sale, seasonal sale, or a different offer each day of the week, consider getting banners made for each of them. Vinyl banners are durable, so you can rotate them and store them when not in use. If you ever repeat the sale, you’ll be able to use these signs again. You can also use banners inside the store to promote clearance items or special designated sales items.

  1. Brands 

Do you want to draw people into your business? Try using custom banners to promote the brands you have available. Highlighting the brands you sell is especially helpful for customers who are unsure whether your store is right for them. You can use a feather banner outside your store that lists the available brands, promoting your inventory and allowing the customer to make an informed decision before they even come inside. This is another option where you can get several banners made up for different labels and rotate the featured brand regularly.      

  1. Sponsored Events        

Do you sponsor community events, charitable endeavors, or youth sports teams in your town? Ensure you have custom vinyl banners on display at any of these locations. People love to shop at places that give back, so hanging banners at a community or charitable event allows you to promote your business and showcase your sponsorship of good causes. You can also use banners at your store to highlight any sponsored events you’re hosting at the store, like a pop-up shop or a collaboration with another business.

  1. Special Events   

If your store is holding a special event such as a contest, giveaway, or a gift with purchase, then a custom banner outside the store is a great way to make people aware of the event. You can use these signs during the weeks leading up to the event and even on the day it takes place. Other special events to highlight via custom banners include a free consultation, a local celebrity visiting, or a book signing.

  1. News

Communicate all the news you want to announce to the neighborhood with custom banners. Are you moving? Opening a new location? Having a grand opening? Under new management? Custom banners are a great way to publicize these events and inform the people in your area what’s happening with your business.

There’s really no limit to how you can use custom vinyl banners to promote your business. You can highlight a sale, special event, or showcase your brands. Or, you can share news about a grand opening or sponsored event. It all comes down to what will you promote with a custom banner at your retail banner?

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