Why Should Law Firms Hire Call Centers to Help with Case Management?

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Being an attorney is a very demanding career because professionals need to multitask and management multiple roles. They also need to meet tight deadlines and deal with a huge workload. However, they can lessen their workload and improve their productivity and efficiency by hiring call center services. This will enable them to have well-trained staff who can manage the law firm’s calls and messages while they focus on their daily duties. Other benefits that law firms can get by hiring a legal answering service include:

Easy case managements

The customer care agents will help the firm to keep a record of all potential clients and the status of their cases. This will enable law firms to manage their caseloads and avoid losing some potential customers.

Improved efficiency

The customer care agent will ensure that all your potential clients are contacted within a timely manner to avoid missing deadlines and litigation.

Increased productivity

When law firms outsource the intake process to trained customer care agents, it will allow them to shift their focus to more important tasks. Since the agency will handle the initial contact with customers, the law firm can channel more time and resources to handle the actual case.

Reduced costs

Outsourcing work to the agency is more cost-effective than hiring more staff members to deal with these tasks. It also eliminates the time and money the law firm may need to train new employees.

Increased accuracy

The legal answering agency has professionals who have been trained in the law. Therefore, all the information the agents will be sharing with your potential clients will be accurate and reliable. Furthermore, the information the agents will give your potential clients, including the greeting and goodbye responses, will be tailored according to your specifications.

24/7 assistance

When you hire a 24/7 call center such as Legal Conversion Center, your clients will be able to reach your company 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Therefore, potential clients can contact the agency at any time. This will make your clients trust your company more.

Multilingual support

Although English is the most common language used in the United States, customers are more comfortable speaking in their native languages. Therefore, firms need to offer multilingual customer care support. However, doing so can be very expensive and difficult to do while using the in-office staff. However, when they outsource a legal answering service, multilingual support will be offered by the agents.

Multi-channel services

Calls and emails are the most common means of communication for law firms. However, when they outsource work to legal answering agents, they can get more channels of communication, such as live chats and text messages, to their existing customer services operation. These additional channels will allow the clients to get answers faster. The additional services will give potential clients communication options, which will provide extra convenience and lead to acquiring new clients.


Legal intake and answering services can help law firms answer basic questions like filing court documents, serving press notices, and preparing bankruptcy petitions among other routine matters. Therefore, hiring legal answering services is a great option for all law firms.

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