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Which Camera Should You Use When Creatinga 360 House Tour?

With a 360 house Tour, you can virtually explore every room of your home. Whether you’re looking for a new house or selling your current one, 360 house tours are the perfect way to showcase your home. Photos of your home are an important first impression. THAT’S WHY THE GROESBECK GROUP uses the best photographers in the area to capture each room with exact angles and the right lighting. Not only do 360 house tours allow people to virtually walk through your home, they also give potential buyers the ability to get an idea of how it feels to be in the home.

Theta X

The Ricoh Theta X is a camera designed around twin lenses and two 48MP sensors. Its spherical 360-degree panorama photos are up to 60 MP in resolution. The camera is able to record 5.7K/30p video and is capable of capturing 60MP still images. It also features a 2-inch touchscreen, interchangeable batteries, and expandable memory. Its small size and low price make it an excellent choice for a variety of uses, from capturing a 360-degree house tour to a video production.

The Theta X is designed to be a workhorse for a virtual tour camera. It lacks the higher quality sensors of the Z1, but it has many user-friendly features such as a large touch screen, MicroSD card, and removable battery. It also has an auto HDR mode and can capture 60MP images. While the sensor on the Theta X is smaller than that of the Z1, the pictures and videos produced are higher quality.

Xiaomi Mi Sphere

For those looking for a good, inexpensive 360 camera, Xiaomi Mi Sphere is a great choice. The camera shoots 3.5K video and can record images of up to 23MB in size. You can choose between an auto-stitching feature and mirror ball preview style. It also offers plenty of settings to help you get the best shots, whether you’re shooting in daylight or at night. The Mi Sphere also features a variety of different modes for adjusting the camera’s settings, including ISO, exposure, and white balance. This resolution is best to create videos for 3D virtual tours.

The Xiaomi Mi Sphere comes with a rebranded version of the original Mi – the Madventure 360. It comes with a dedicated selfie stick and a GoPro style adapter, and the usual Mi Sphere accessories. The camera is identical to the original Mi Sphere, but the app and software may change in the future. The latest version of the Mi Sphere camera app is version 1.8.8 and includes a fix for drifting issues that occurred with previous versions.


The Immoviewer 360 house tour application offers the tools to create your own immersive 360-degree virtual house tours. With this innovative tool, Realtors can inspire prospective clients with an immersive 3D virtual tour of their listings. Adding rooms, setting movement-points and uploading your finished tour to the web are just a few of the features that make this app great for Realtors. In addition, you can edit an existing tour as well.

This easy-to-use software allows real estate professionals to create beautiful, interactive 3D virtual house tours without the need for expensive video production. The software works with standard 360 degree cameras and is compatible with all platforms. It’s designed for real estate agents and brokerages, and its affordability and simplicity makes it the perfect tool for everyday marketing. You can also use it for real estate virtual showings, lead generation, and social media integration.


If you’re interested in getting a virtual house tour, the first step is to choose the correct app for your needs. 360 house tours are extremely popular, and the right app can make the entire process even more fun. These apps are very easy to use and are very easy to share. These apps can even allow you to create videos of your tour, so you can share them with others. To create a 360 virtual tour, you’ll need an app that allows you to upload panoramic pictures.

The 360-degree panorama software can help you do both. If you’re a professional realtor, you can choose from a wide variety of apps. Kuula is free to use and offers a variety of packages. It supports several currencies, including euros, dollars, and pounds. You can even embed your tour in a web app and share it with prospective clients. Another popular app is Roundme, which is a cloud-based platform and works with all major mobile OS.


You can use Panopedia to create a 360-degree house tour. This easy-to-use virtual tool will make the whole process fast and enjoyable. You will save a lot of time when building a panoramic tour because the uploading, viewing, and loading time are minimised. You can build a tour for free or pay for a premium account. Premium users can upload more scenes per panoramic tour and add a custom watermark. You can also upload floor plans, as well as add hotspots to your tour.

The speed of Panopedia makes it ideal for people on a tight deadline. You can create a 360 virtual tour in five minutes or less. Since Panopedia launched in 2016, it has grown to become a popular choice for thousands of users. You can create a free account, or choose a paid option starting at $9 per month. Once you have an account, you can begin building your virtual tour. You can choose to add a cover photo or 360 photos.

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