What Is Misery Business Lyrics And How It Work

“Misery Business lyrics” reflects Hayley Williams, lead singer, and songwriter, infatuated with Zac Farro, her Paramore bandmate, as a teenager. At the time, he appeared to be dating another woman his bandmates considered a negative manipulator, and they believe he used his sexuality to bend Zac to his will.

So what we find here is the musings of a vocalist who hated his girlfriend’s apples and once “stole everything” from her, making that fact blatantly known.

The Story Of  Misery Business Lyrics

The narrative is very descriptive, almost like a short story. At first, we hear the vocalist insulting the recipient, namely the woman mentioned above. She seemed to notice that the person was attractive but revelled in the thought that her beauty would eventually fade. As concluded above, the vocalist had issues with the receiver because they shared a common romantic interest, which the singer would keep safe until this girl appeared on the scene.

But finally, after almost a year, it looks like the recipient has cut it. The vocalist then quickly made this man his. So now, it seems like the receiver has some obvious problem with it too.

Usually, when a couple breaks up, you wouldn’t expect the woman who came after to celebrate like she stole the man. So the logical implication is that the recipient still has feelings for this guy, or maybe the vocalist somehow contributed to their breakup. Or, after all, he seizes the opportunity to throw his new romantic acquisition in the face of his rival.

So in the second verse, Hayley lets things hang out. Here, he more or less outlines the reasons why he hates recipients. And honestly, it’s understandable why some listeners took issue with this part of the song because the vocalist looks petty and vindictive.

Thesis Sentiment

Once you get past the humiliation, the thesis feeling is pretty straightforward. The vocalist hates the receiver well. But only now, after hooking up with the man they seem to crave and feel victorious as a result, does Hayley have the power to make the depths of that hatred known.

Song’s Title (“Misery Business”)

And lastly, regarding the title, it is suggested that what the vocalist meant was the concept of being able to profit from “misery”, i.e. this, song. But all the lyrics are considered alternative explanations. When Hayley says she’s “in the misery business“, she says something like she enjoys making her enemies miserable.

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Hayley Williams At The End Discovered Who “Misery Business” Is About

Hayley Williams’ first solo album, Petals For Armor, is officially release today, 8 May. But let’s look spinal at the song that made Williams the star he is today.

In a recent interview, singer Paramore officially revealed what the 2007 hit “Misery Business Lyrics” is about.

“Misery Business lyrics” is the lead single from Paramore’s second successful LP, Riot. The song has become famous for its problematic lyrics in recent years, and Hayley Williams stopped playing it in 2018.

Hayley Williams had a blog post in 2015 in which she wrote, “Misery Business is not a series of letters that I identify as a 26-year-old woman, and I haven’t had whatever to do with it in a long time. Those words were print when I was 17 years old from a very narrow point of view. It’s not inevitable to be a big philosophical statement about anything, and it was a page in my diary of a single moment I had when I was a high school student.”


Music is one of the soothing things in a person’s life; it provides a different state of mind and positively relaxes it. Misery business lyrics are mostly known because of musical combos that attract people and mostly mashup the classical music with varying tones of a theme.

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