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What is Business Marketing? – Types, Concepts, and More

What is Business Marketing?

Business marketing has become one of the essential tools of any company, regardless of the sector. Marketing presents as the best way to reach the desired audience and make services or products offered by the company to prove much more stimulating and attractive.

The chief objective of business marketing is to increase its sales and retain those customers who have righthand the company. And also, it is necessary to shadow a series of techniques and strategies that adapt to customers’ tastes and wants.

Main Types of Business Marketing

There are several types of business marketing, so it would be difficult to mention all of them. Below you will find a list that contains the main it, those that are most pertinent and that will allow you to reach a more significant number of customers:

1. Strategic Marketing

  • Strategic marketing seeks to transmit out actions with long-term results, facing the upcoming of the company.
  • This kind’s priority objective is to be talented in defining steps to implement strategies that grow profits and reduce resources.

2. Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing has become very vital in recent decades. And also, it focuses on the online or digital world.
  • And also, the use of the Internet expands dramatically.
  • Hence it is not surprising that companies increasingly use digital marketing techniques such as  SEO to position themselves in the top locations in search engines such as Google.

3. Marketing Mix

  • The marketing mix is probably the top known of all. It is also known as  4P marketing:  creation, amount, advancement, and distribution  (in English: Price, Product, Placement, Promotion), critical variables for any company.
  • It seeks to adapt to customers’ needs in all the fundamental aspects that consumers usually consider before buying a product or hiring a facility.

4. Operational Marketing

  • Also recognized as short-term marketing, operational marketing carry out in a period that is usually less than one year.
  • Carry out specific actions using the Marketing Mix variables: product, price, distribution, and promotion.
  • And also, it is in charge of developing and executing a series of moves and strategies to achieve the proposed objective.

5. Green Marketing

  • In recent years, the environment’s consciousness has full-grown among many citizens from all corners of the world.
  • It has led to green marketing’s appearance through products and services that design or created to conserve and take care of our environment promote.

6. Social Marketing

  • Social marketing helps promote social or work strategies that seek to promote well – being in any environment or community.
  • On many occasions, social marketing links to a service or product’s commercialization, but this is not always the case.
  • And also, on other occasions, they consider merely as ‘social works.’

7. Neuromarketing

  • Neuromarketing is one of the kinds of business marketing more are gaining attention in recent times, as it tends to get outstanding results.
  • Marketing combined with neuroscience analyzes human beings’ brains in the face of the different advertising stimuli presented to them to create strategies based on said behaviours.
  • At  EUDE, we believe that marketing is one of the tools with the most significant weight over businesses of all kinds to promote their services and products. And also, having qualified specialists who can carry out this job in a company is vital.
  • In our business centre, we offer the possibility of carrying out a  Master in Digital Marketing that lets you become an expert in the field.

Concepts of Business Marketing

Any business marketing transaction (also defined as B2B or Business-To-Business) involves years of complicated marketing efforts, with promotions conducted offline and offline.

An important concept in it is the marketing mix. As in business-to-consumer or B2C marketing, business marketing relies on the product, price, promotion, and place to competitively position its product offerings promote the brand, and efficiently use a company’s resources.

Like consumer marketers, business marketers must create integrated communication. Marketing strategy to ensure that their promotional products and methods complement and support each other.

Sphere of Action of Business Marketing

Business marketing expands to all types of industries and businesses. B2B sales tend to be larger than consumers can make business marketers use different channels to reach their target audiences.

To promote yourself, you can use all kinds of tools and ways to be present, from white papers, trade shows, corporate sites. And live broadcasts to raise awareness of a specific business type and generate prospects.

And also, the radical and challenging differences in leading and developing B2B eCommerce vs B2C.

Despite being a somewhat specialized type of marketing, a significant portion of B2B brands. It also uses Social Media, including podcasts, social networks, blogging sites, all to drive traffic to their online channels and lead to potential clients to know their brands.

Measure the Success of Business Marketing

Measuring the success of business marketing can be done through customer relationship management (or CRM) systems.


With these systems, you can assess its performance within the cycles in this type of marketing. Many times these cycles can last several months and include several stages before the sale takes place.

CRM systems can help businesses integrate metrics from different activities to assess how business marketing accurately manages the transaction.

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