The True Costs of Franking Machines

The number of letters that a franking machine can process decides its overall cost. An advanced franking machine will be much more expensive than a basic one that only handles several hundred letters a week.

The price of a franking machine can vary greatly depending on the model and the volume of mail it is capable of processing. A machine can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds, excluding shipping.

An extremely high-end, low-volume machine can cost as little as £14.95 monthly, while most machines are rented out for much more than that.

Franking Machine Types

Franking machines can be divided into three categories: Low Volume, Medium Volume, and High Volume. Each of these machines can handle a specific volume of mail each day, and each is designed to meet the particular objectives of a business community.

Cost Of Purchasing A Franking Machine

The cost of purchasing a franking machine is high. The cost of advanced equipment that can process 40 letters per minute with automatic rate updates, a weighing platform, and ten programmable marketing slogans is approximately £3,000.

The following breakdown is to be expected:

For new machinery, businesses can expect to pay the following:

  • Low volume ( max 30 mailings a day) – £995-£3,000
  • Medium Volume (max 20-100 mailings per day) – £3,000 – £8,500
  • High volume (max 100-1,000’s of mailings per hour) – £8,500 – £21,500+

You should expect to pay roughly £15,000 for the heavy-duty machinery. It isn’t advisable to purchase used equipment because it would require an expert to determine if the machine is in good working order.

However, because some organizations use premium rate lines, reloading most franking machines via phone can be pricey. Administration fees paid upfront with the initial rental can be included in the lease or rental agreements.

You should call ahead and ask for an exact quote to be on the safe side.

A Franking Machine’s Rental Fee

It will cost between £15 and £25 per month to rent a primary franking machine. Complex feeding and automation systems can increase the monthly cost from £70 to £400+. Breaking it down into specifics:

Estimated Costs of Leasing/Renting (excluding servicing, postage costs, etc.)

  • Low volume: £20.00-£40.00 per month
  • Medium volume: £40.00-£80.00 per month
  • High volume: £85.00+ per month

While a one-year lease on a device is an option, most organizations prefer that you sign a three-year lease. Rental costs may depend on consumption, which is to say, the average monthly postage for the preceding year’s rentals.

Because leasing rates will only rise, you shouldn’t anticipate your costs going down even if your consumption drops. Getting many quotations before renting a machine is the best course of action.

Comparing The Expenses Of A Franking Machine

Franking machine Quantity of mail Cost to acquire Cost of renting
Low Volume Up to 100 letters daily £1,000


Mid Volume Up to 250 letters daily £2,500


High Volume More than 250 letters daily £5,000+




Costs Of Low-Volume Franking Machines

Small businesses that receive less than 100 letters each day can benefit from a low-volume franking machine. Because these machines can only process limited amounts of mail each day, they are a good option for small businesses who want to save money on franking machine expenditures.

The Quadient IS-280c is the best low-volume, low-cost franking machine. All three devices have touch screens, integrated parcel scales, and logo-printing capabilities.

Costs Of Mid-Volume Franking Machines

The standard franking machine, also known as a mid-volume machine, is ideal for medium-sized enterprises that process up to 250 letters per day.

Typically, these franking machines cost more than £2,500 upfront. Still, they come with a more extensive range of capabilities than low volume machines — they include automatic letter feeders and real-time reports on your overall franking machine expenditures.

Costs Of High-Volume Franking Machines

High-volume franking machines are necessary for large or rapidly expanding firms that send hundreds of mail items every day. These franking machines typically cost a few thousand pounds. Still, they include innovative features such as dynamic scales that automatically weigh, price, and frank your enormous volumes of post at high speeds.

These machines can also handle hundreds of letters per minute and have optional scales that weigh up to 30 kilograms (68 pounds). There have been a lot of great high-volume machines in the last ten years, but none are better than the Quadient IN-700.

Is A Franking Machine A Money-Saver In The Long Run?

You can save money on postage by utilizing a franking machine. Since the postal rates for franking machines are far lower than those for standard stamps, the overall cost of using a franking device will be cheaper than using stamps.

Recurring Costs To Consider

Finally, keep in mind the ink and label prices before making a franking machine purchase decision. The ink cost per franked letter can add 1p or more to the price of a letter for lower-end printers that employ ink-jet technology, but for high-end machines, this is minimal.

Benefits Of A Franking Machine

1. Helps Maintain A Professional Demeanour At All Times

Franked mail conveys a more professional image to your company partners and clients, and putting your brand on your mail enhances operability by 250 per cent. It is possible to personalize your franked stamp to include your company’s logo, promotional text, and any other business-related statements.

2. Increased Efficiency

It is easier to calculate postage with franked mail because it eliminates the possibility of overpaying for postage. Because they aren’t sure how much their post will weigh, many companies pay too much or too little.

This is never a problem when using a franking machine. Postage is calculated depending on weight, so you don’t have to pay more than you need to.

3. Enhanced Safety

A franking machine is entirely safe to use, and stamp books are no longer an eyesore in the workplace. It’s also possible to re-credit your franking device at any time of the day or night. There are extensive reports available to track monthly spending or allocation to different departments inside the company through pin codes.

4. Convenience

You may save time and money by using a franking machine! Once you set the item on the postal scales, the system will automatically frank your mail or provide a franked label to affix to the mail piece, depending on the weight, price, and applicable discounts.

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