Smartphones – Definition, 15 Gadgets that will Save your Life

Smartphones Definition

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. Thanks to their multifunctionality have helped us in many ways of our lives. However, there are still other forms of function that only gadgets can offer us.

In this way, since smartphones also have their limitations, today we bring you 15 mobile gadgets that will make your life easier, more entertaining, enhance your device more.

And give it that extra that makes it more attractive to your phone in one way or another.

15 Smart Phones Gadgets that will Save your Life

1. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  • We start our list by telling you about one of the most critical gadgets: a wireless BlueTooth speaker from the LOMAXFR brand.
  • This small device’s main feature is that it is entirely waterproof, so you can continue using it after it has been submerged.
  • Also, it has superior bass capable of producing 6W of power output and comes equipped with Bluetooth, along with a stable connection that allows it to be used up to 10 meters away.

2. Virtual Reality Glasses

  • But of course, we must not stop including virtual reality glasses, a very top device. In this case, we present the Shinecon 6.0  with the 3D video format and adjustable bionic design.
  • These lenses are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, having an adjustment option from 4.5 to 6 inches with a 360-degree panorama and a 180- degree viewing angle.

3. Bluetooth Joystick for Android

  • Are you a fan of video games on your smartphone? Then here is a unique gadget for you.
  • The  Ipega Joystick is ideal for playing with your smartphone, having compatibility with Android and Windows PC platforms via Bluetooth.
  • This controller is designed thinking about those occasions when executing certain games.
  • It becomes somewhat tedious to have both hands on the mobile screen to press the different buttons.
  • Well, that annoyance has ended with this device.

4. Huawei Smart Bracelet

  • Ideal for doing sports, the Huawei Band 4 smart bracelet allows you to measure time, calories, distance, and steps of your physical activities.
  • It has a degree of professional waterproofing type “A” resistant to 5 ATM, which allows you to perform swimming.
  • The bracelet can also connect with your smartphone to give you greater control through its functions such as sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, and recognising.

5. Android Mini Projector

  • Suppose we want to show our videos, images or work presentations in a big way.
  • In that case, we must get this small pocket projector from the BYINTEK brand, with DLP projection technology and a standard resolution of 854 x 480 dpi.
  • You can connect with Android devices, computers, SD cards, and more using Bluetooth or dual-band WiFi.

6. 22X Telephoto SNAP

  • As if our smartphones’ impressive cameras were not enough, some gadgets make them much better, such as this 22X optical zoom telephoto lens from SNAPUM that allows you to take pictures from a great distance without losing the minimum image quality.
  • This small but excellent device is compatible with some phones such as iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, and Sony.
  • It is recommended for concerts, distant environments and must stay away from the lens to be photographed.

7. Memory Card Reader

  • If what you lack is more space to have all your favourite applications, then this SD, microSD and TF memory card reader to store and share content with your mobile will make your life much easier.
  • You should note that the adapter is compatible with all Android phones and tablets with the OTG function, a more flexible USB 2.0 extension.
  • Thus, you will be giving another extra gift to your smartphone.

8. Photographic Microscope

  • With this gadget, we continue to enhance photographic sensors, in this case, to take pictures of microscopic objects.
  • And it is that thanks to this microscope magnifying glass with magnification options for the camera of our mobile, we can have a quality image.

9. Foldable Stick for Selfies

  • Another of the devices for our phones that make our lives easier when it comes to taking selfies. The light-up selfie stick will make our photos more beautiful.
  • Also, bring a tripod with you if you want to photograph from a distance along with a remote control so that you can control the extendable pole via Bluetooth.
  • Also, this gadget is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

10. Mini Wireless Headset

  • Continuing with the list, we have a mini wireless headset, ideal for making/answering calls or listening to music, operated through a Bluetooth 5.0 connection compatible with most smartphones and tablets.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it more comfortable and light to carry it to work or exercise; It also has noise cancellation technology that allows better call stability with straightforward voice pickup.

11. Ring Flash Selfie

  • The ring flash selfie is a small lamp with LED light bulbs for taking photographs in dark environments, such as discos, parties, camping, among others, having three (3) different levels of brightness for perfect lighting.
  • This device is designed with a non-slip sponge to prevent it from falling off your iPhone, Samsung or Sony phone.
  • And it is comfortable to use. You have to place it around the camera and ready to shoot!

12. Car Support

  • Always necessary in any of our daily activities, the holder is flexible to adjust your mobile phone in any angle or orientation.
  • It is ideal for fixing it in the car while driving, in bed, on the desk and even on training equipment to watch it while you exercise.
  • Also, this support has a large maximum opening click that practically fits any smartphone.

13. Portable Charger

  • Another of the 15 gadgets necessary in our day to day: a mini portable charger that supports the fast charging protocol, compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG or Sony phones.
  • This power bank has a small size, having an enormous capacity to its credit.

14. Mini Bluetooth Printer

  • This device is specially designed for printing photos or stickers, ideal for taking a physical photograph instantly. The mini printer works via Bluetooth connection.
  • This little gadget has a rechargeable battery and is compatible with any Android 4.0+ and iOS 8.0+ device.
  • One of its limitations is that at the moment, it only has a blank style, but even so. It is still an excellent complement to our mobile.

15. Fan with LED Screen

  • And finally, without a doubt, a gadget that surprises. It is a fan with an LED screen through which you can view the time, temperature, texts and images in real-time by pairing it with your mobile device.
  • Besides offering a fresh wind, it is also compatible with Android and iOS apps to configure your screen and watch what you want. It has a Bluetooth connection for smartphones or tablets.

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