Practical Tips To Keep Your Car In Great Condition

The dream that is getting your first car is an indescribable feeling. The excitement builds up and boils over, and it is uncontainable.

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When you buy a car, your intention is generally to get the most out of your vehicle. You will have many happy miles with your prized possession with the correct preventative maintenance.

Although, if you have never had a car before, you might be unsure of what that might entail. We have your back with some practical tips to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Oil Changes

Be it a new or used car keeping the oil clean will go a long way in keeping your car’s engine healthy. Changing your oil every five months or 5000 miles, or whichever comes first, is recommended by experts.

Remember that stop-and-go traffic will put your vehicle under more strain, so you should consider oil changes more often. Frequently checking your oil will allow you to spot any issues before they become a significant problem.

Keep The Antifreeze Levels Up

Antifreeze is an additive that drops the freezing point and increases the boiling point of a water-based liquid. The water pump pumps the engine coolant around the motor and will absorb the heat to transfer it to the radiator.

In addition to keeping your engine temperature stable, it will also help prevent rust and corrosion in the radiator, engine, and heater.

Check The Tires

Without the tires, your car isn’t going anywhere. Keeping your tires in good condition is paramount when it comes to your safety, as well as your petrol consumption.

Stay vigilant for any signs of wear and tear on your tires; there should be no bulges, cracks, or gouges, and if you notice any of these signs, it is best to replace them.

Heat is created inside when a tire is underinflated, leading to structural damage. An overinflated tire is more susceptible to damage. Handling your car when your tires do not have the correct air pressure will be more difficult.

Check The Brake System

The braking system is the most crucial safety feature of any car. Brakes allow you to slow your automobile down or stop immediately to avoid accidents.

You might be in trouble when you don’t regularly inspect or maintain your braking system. There are many components to ensure the brakes work correctly in your car.

Your brake system works together as a whole to create the right amount of friction to stop your car as you need to. Whenever you slow or stop your car, you create wear and tear on your brakes.

You should change your brake pads at least every 25 000 to 65 000 miles; this differs depending on the make of the car and driving conditions.

Keeping your car in the best possible condition will give your vehicle a more extended life. The better the state of your car, the higher the resale value will be.

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