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What is Kitchen Robots? – Benefits, The Best in 2021, and More

What is Kitchen Robots?

Kitchen robots are household appliances used to carry out and speed up tasks corresponding to meal preparation.

Among its functions, we find its ability to slice vegetables, cut fruits, meats, seeds, grated cheese, mix and knead preparations, cook food, puree, and even cooking in steam.

These products are handy for people who don’t like to cook or are just not good. If this is your case, or you know someone who would like to have one of them, we invite you to learn its main benefits:

Benefits of Kitchen Robots

kitchen robots

As we mentioned before, its practicality in preparing recipes is one of its main attributes. However, it is not the only reason why kitchen machines have become so popular today.

Forget spending the entire Sunday morning preparing that special lunch for your family and guests. With kitchen robots, preparation times substantially reduce.

Helps Vary the Daily Diet

  • Are you tired of always eating the same thing? Many of the kitchen robots that we will present to you in our guide include recipe books with which you can vary your daily diet.
  • In addition, do it in a completely healthy way. A two for one that you should not miss!

Easy to Clean

  • Unlike traditional cooking methods with which we dirty many utensils, this type of robot will help you save time when cleaning everything you have dirty.
  • Most of its parts are removable and can wash in the dishwasher.

Electric energy saving

  • As the last of the benefits of kitchen robots, but one of the most important for planet Earth (and your pocketbook), we find their ability to save energy at home.
  • This appliance consumes little electricity. However, everything will depend on the model you select and its power.

What Should you Take into Account when Buying Kitchen Robots?

Previously, we advance you one of the critical aspects you should consider before buying a kitchen robot: its power. However, below we explain in detail everything you need to know before making your purchase :

Robot Power

  • The appliance’s power will define what it is capable of doing and how long it will take to do it.
  • For example, robots that can crush ice are more potent than those that cannot. Currently, you can find 400w devices, but some models exceed 1000w.

Manufacturing Materials

  • The durability of your future kitchen robot will depend on the use and care you do, but for this, you will have to make sure you buy an appliance with resistant materials.
  • Although the most common is to find stainless steel robots, other materials can deteriorate more efficiently, such as plastic or ceramic. Keep that in mind!

Available Programs

  • How long it will take the robot to prepare your food are questions whose answers you will find in the programs it offers.
  • You must make sure that the functionalities you need include in the robots of your interest.
  • Make sure to carefully read the programs available on the device and get the best one for you.

The Best Kitchen Robots in 2021

kitchen robots

You already know the benefits of these appliances and the main aspects you should consider before getting one.

Now is the time for you to get to know the best kitchen machines that this year are still on the best-seller list for their infinite functionalities. Let’s take a look at this kitchen robot comparison!

1. Bosch MUC28B64FR Multi Cuiseurs

  • The first robot that we include in our guide is from the manufacturer Bosch, recognized worldwide for its wide range of home products.
  • In this case, it presents the Multi Cuiseurs Autocook with 17 modes and 48 cooking programs, available with a power of 900w.
  • With a price that does not exceed 150 euros, this kitchen robot offers you a 5-litre bowl made with a non-stick coating to facilitate cleaning.
  • Enjoy a book with more than 100 recipes, and don’t miss the opportunity to install the mobile app to find more preparations where flavour and quality merge perfectly.

2. SuperChef VA1500

  • Made of stainless steel, the SuperChef food processor will allow you to enjoy high-quality meals and easy maintenance during the washing process.
  • Its power is 1000w, enough to perform basic tasks in the preparation of your favourite foods.
  • Ten speeds, 3 litres of capacity in its jug, and 5.8 kilograms of weight, this robot is an approved product that you should not miss. Its current price is 198 euros.

3. Moulinex Cookeo CE704110

  • Known for its compact design, this kitchen robot from the Moulinex brand, experts in household appliances, is available in two models: one with 100 recipes and 150.
  • Its capacity is 6 litres, and its power is nothing more and nothing less than 1200 watts. With a weight of almost 6 kilos and a half.
  • This kitchen assistant offers you six proper cooking modes for your day today. Find it for 230 euros or catch it on sale for less than 200 euros.


  • Having a chef at home will now be possible, thanks to IKOHS.
  • With more than 20 easy-to-use programs, the CHEFBOT Touch kitchen robot offers you more than 100 recipes with which you can vary your diet and surprise your family.
  • Its built-in kitchen scale function will help you with specific preparations.
  • In addition, its power varies between 600w and 1000w, depending on the tasks you indicate. You can find it for 315 euros in its official online store.

5. Cecotec Mambo 8090

  • The Cecotec brand has not only positioned itself in the market as one of the best manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaners, but it also offers excellent benefits in its line of kitchen robots.
  • In this case, we include the Mambo 8090 model in our comparison of kitchen robots.
  • Made of plastic, the appliance has 30 valuable functions for cooking daily; In addition, its power of 1700w will help you do it in the shortest time possible.
  • This product has a cost of 400 euros, but you can find it for up to 230 euros in sales.

6. Taurus Mycook One

  • Being another of the leading brands in its sector, Taurus Mycook One is one of the best kitchen robots that in 2021 continues to be a sales record.
  • With its 1600 watts of power, the appliance offers thousands of valuable recipes to prepare in its convenient plastic and stainless steel design.
  • Barely 2 kilograms, and with a 2-litre capacity, this kitchen robot will help you cook by induction quickly and, above all, easily.
  • Currently, its price is 600 euros, but you can find it reduced by up to 289 euros.

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7. Fagor FamilyCook

  • Design for families interested in improving their diet, this Fagor kitchen robot has a 1500w motor, 5 litres of capacity in its glass (which, at the same time, is a scale), and 10 100% adjustable speeds.
  • It is famous for its sleek and modern design, and
  • If you are interested in buying the Fagor FamilyCook Kitchen Robot, you can do so from our Twenergy Store for 629 euros.

8. Kenwood KCook Multi CCL401WH

  • If we talk about high-end kitchen robots, we must mention the model of the Kenwood brand.
  • With a 1500w motor and a capacity of up to 4.5 litres, this robot will allow you to make countless recipes of the highest quality.
  • Adjust the temperature (up to 180ºC), set the mode of your preference, and get ready to serve delicious dishes for up to four people.
  • Its price is 700 euros, but you can find it for up to 550 euros in sales times.

9. DeLonghi Titanium Chef System Pro

  • Enjoy a 1500w kitchen robot, 3 kg capacity, and superb design and attractiveness to prepare your family’s favourite meals or surprise your guests on special occasions.
  • This DeLonghi brand device includes a speed regulator with a push button.
  • Although you can also find it in its 1700w model, the 1500w of the DeLonghi Titanium Chef System Pro is enough to perform specific tasks in your kitchen. Invest 815 euros and enjoy all its accessories.

10. Magimix Cook Expert 18903

  • Finally, we close our comparison of kitchen robots with an option for gastronomy lovers: the Magimix Cook Expert 18903.
  • If you like to experiment in this area home, and the combination of food and spices is on your list of favourite activities, without a doubt, this is your robot.
  • Made in France, it offers a power of 1700w, a glass top, and a display with a digital interface.
  • In addition, when ordering your order, you will receive a recipe book with more than 300 options to prepare at home.
  • But that is not all! You will also have access to the brand’s app with additional content to fully exploit the 1200 euros that your purchase entails.

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Review What is Kitchen Robots? – Benefits, The Best in 2021, and More.

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