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How To Prevent IT Issues From Hampering Productivity

Information technology (IT) issues can seriously hamper employee productivity in any workplace. Since most companies are heavily reliant on technology to perform their business operations, occasional IT issues are more than an annoyance or inconvenience. These could translate to considerable business losses, such as if a tech concern results in downtime.

Here are some tips you may find helpful in preventing IT issues from causing a decline in productivity and slowing down your operations.

Consult With IT Professionals

The best way to prevent tech-related issues is to hire an IT consulting company like Buchanan to conduct a thorough audit. This involves evaluating your company’s IT infrastructure to determine inefficiencies in your systems and risks to your information assets, among other things.

Skilled IT professionals can optimize your IT infrastructure, which enables you to streamline your business processes. Doing so helps improve your employee productivity and boost your bottom line.

Train Your Employees

Train Your Employees

To prevent IT concerns from hampering productivity, you should consider providing your employees with basic tech training. This enables them to deal with minor IT issues, instead of being overly reliant on tech support. However, they should be cautioned to call in the IT experts if the problem is serious instead of tinkering with the computer and attempting to fix it on their own.

Ideally, tech training should be part of your new employees’ skills training. This is also particularly helpful for less tech-savvy employees. If your employees are familiar with simple IT fixes, they can get on with their work without waiting for tech support every time they encounter a tech concern.

Keep Your Software Up To Date

IT issues may arise if your system is using outdated software. The older version might not have full security measures against bugs and errors. To minimize IT issues, you need to keep your keep your software up to date.

Once there’s a new update for the software your device uses, you should schedule a software update immediately. You must update all devices to ensure they’re well optimized for business use. Moreover, you should schedule the update after business hours to ensure maximum productivity.

Replace Old Equipment

When it comes to computer equipment, waiting until your device is broken before replacing it is not advisable. Experts recommend replacing desktop computers every three to four years and laptops every three years. Keeping outdated equipment is more expensive in the long run because as these devices near the end of their lifespan, your employees will often encounter performance issues. There’s a significant decline in productivity when such issues constantly disrupt your employees as they work.

Furthermore, the cost of maintaining and repairing worn-down equipment as they break down more frequently may be close to the cost of buying a new computer. There’s also productivity loss when employees have to wait a long time for their desktop or laptop to be fixed.

On the other hand, new computers can connect faster to your network, are more reliable, and demonstrate better application performance, contributing to employee productivity.

Backup Your Files Regularly

Since tech issues may arise without warning, you should remind your employees to back up their files daily. In case of a system failure or hard drive crash, all their files can be deleted.  This brings them back to square one, having lost all progress and needing to do everything all over again.

This situation not only hampers productivity but also affects employee morale as they need to spend considerable time recreating the lost files. To avoid this inconvenience, employees should back up their files regularly.

Resolve Small Issues Immediately 

Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing IT issues that keep your employees from finishing their tasks on time. In most cases, a serious tech problem stems from small issues that pile up because they’re consistently ignored. To keep that from happening, you should resolve minor problems without delay.

Once a team member raises a concern about a certain malfunction with the system or hardware, you should ask an IT specialist to identify the cause and address the issue immediately. Dismissing the tech concern may lead to a major problem down the road, affecting your employees’ productivity and ultimately, your business operations.


Increasing productivity in the workplace is essential as it helps your business operate like a well-oiled machine. However, no matter how efficient your employees may be, their productivity is sure to suffer if they encounter tech issues. Since most workplaces are dependent on computer technology, IT concerns can cause a disruption to your business operations either temporarily or indefinitely.

To keep tech issues from affecting productivity, you should train your employees to be more tech-savvy, hire IT experts, keep software up to date, and replace outdated equipment. Although doing so may entail extra work and expenses, you’ll find that taking such precautionary measures will help keep your employees motivated, benefiting your business in the long term.

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