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Stockinvest is an inventory buying and selling platform built for swing investors. With quick technical information and a proliferation of other teams, Stockinvest has gained a considerable following. Is this platform suitable for your swing buying and selling?

Introduction To Stockinvest

Stockinvest is a trading platform that aims to help swing traders identify potentially profitable buys and sells. Working exclusively with short-term techniques, the platform uses a set of algorithms under the hood to identify common trading patterns and assign buy and sell ratings to individual stock.

For the relatively modest price, the attention that Stockinvest draws to trading through its indicator listings can come in handy for busy and distracted day traders. However, it is worth noting that most of the features that Stockinvest offers can be achieved by setting alerts in more advanced charting software packages.

Stockinvest Pricing Options

Stockinvest has only one pricing tier, costing 19.90/month or $199/year. There is also a five-day free trial for new users to try out the software. If this is your first time signing up for the free trial, Stockinvest offers a 20% discount on a plan for up to 24 hours.

Buy And Sell Lists

The main feature of Stockinvest is a series of stock listings that display various key short-term technical indicators evaluated by the platform’s algorithms as potential buys or sells. Stockinvest divides its listing into buy lists and trade lists.

                 Buy Signal Lists                                   Sell Signal Lists

  • Top 100 Buy                                                    Top 100 Sell
  • Possible Runners                                           By Score & Duration
  • Double Bottoms                                             Double Tops
  • Pivot Bottoms                                                 Overvalued List
  • By Score & Duration                                      Death Star
  • Undervalued List                                            Moving Average
  • Golden Star Short Term                                Golden Star Medium Term
  • Moving Average

The first list is the “Top 100 Buy” list among the buy lists. This shows the top 100 stocks at any given time as ranked by the Stockinvest buying algorithms. It is important to note that very few reasons are behind the results list.

Stockinvest does not explain how its algorithms work on this list or the platform. There’s also an option to filter stocks by their score and the days the stock has been rate cheap, and this helps identify stocks giving consistent signals rather than potential anomalies.

Other buy lists that Stockinvest offers are base more on technical indicators, which are often use as buy signals by day traders. For example, watch lists alert traders to stocks showing potential double and pivot bottoms.

There is also a watch list for Golden Star indicators, and the Golden Star is not fully explained but seems related to the common Golden Cross Sign. Remember that algorithms create all these watch lists, and all technical patterns must be thoroughly examined before trading.

Custom Lists

Stockinvest recently added the ability for users to create their watchlists, similar to other stock scanning tools. The watchlist builder focuses heavily on technical indicators and includes filters for indicators such as the RSI, a recent Bollinger Bands buy or sell signal, and moving average crossovers.

Compared to other indicator-oriented stock scanners, the main novelty is the ability to filter based on the score that Stockinvest algorithms assign to a stock.

Individual Stock Ratings

Another helpful feature for swing traders is the information provided on each stock page. The Stockinvest Stock Viewer delivers a quick and concise overview of stock, complete with its algorithmic score and buys/sell/hold rating (similar to Finbox or Zacks). The included diagrams do not allow for any adjustments.

Still, they do an excellent job highlighting technical indicators like moving average crossovers, Bollinger Bands breakouts, and pivot points. To some extent, these charts can provide insight into how and why the Stockinvest algorithm rated a stock a certain way.

Predictions Stockinvest

Another notable feature of Stockinvest is the ability to view the future price action of individual stocks and make predictions.

Essentially, users can predict whether a stockinvest will go up or down over a one-week or three-week period and even include a price prediction. Users can also request forecasts on stocks that interest them to request predictions from the Stockinvest community.

This predictability adds a social aspect to the platform that some users appreciate and can be helpful for beginners. However, these predictions are likely to be of questionable value overall and are unlikely to be used by more experienced day or swing traders.

Layout And Customization has a clean browser-based interface that makes it easy to navigate the site no matter where you are. All signal listings can be found in a single dropdown menu at the top of the page and a search bar for more information on an individual stock.

While Stockinvest relies heavily on technical indicators, it should be reiterated that this is not a charting platform. None of the charts can be adjusted to the timeframe or display technical data, so traders must combine any assessment or technical analysis performed by the platform with more advanced charting software for verification.

Luckily, traders can create an unlimited number of custom watchlists. Again, this is a feature most other stock scanning platforms are capable of. However, the added benefit of watchlists on Stockinvest is that all stocks on a watchlist are uniquely ranked with an algorithmic score that indicates whether the platform recommends buying, selling or holding.

Stockinvest Platform Differentiators

Stockinvest is essentially a stock scanner with a particular focus on short-term technical indicators. Unlike other stock scanners, few filters or lists are based on stock fundamentals.

In addition, Stockinvest uses poorly explained algorithms to give each stock a buy, sell, or break point number and determine when stocks develop common technical chart patterns. These features combine the functionality of a technical charting platform with built-in alerts, stock scanners, and advanced technical watchlists.

Another feature that distinguishes Stockinvest is the ability for users to request and offer predictions about the trend of individual stocks in the coming weeks. While this feature is unique and adds a social aspect to the platform, it will likely be of limit use for serious traders.

What Type of Trader is Stockinvest Best For?

Stockinvest turned into developed explicitly for day and swing buyers. There is nearly no fundamental stock evaluation, as favoured by long-term price investors. The full technical review used on the platform seems to span days or weeks.

However, Stockinvest can be more suitable for newbie and intermediate traders who want trading thoughts than knowledgeable traders. The purpose is that experienced buyers are all likely to be irritated with the aid of a shortage of explanations of the platform’s algorithms.

Which in flip requires verification of the alerts in more excellent superior charting software. Many advanced buyers will be capable of mimicking maximum Stockinvest features on a charting platform with built-in indicators or using their present stock scanner software program.


  • Quickly identify potential trades based on algorithmic scores
  • Focus on technical chart patterns like double tops and bottoms, as well as golden crosses and death crosses.
  • Assigns a Buy/Sell/Hold rating with a numerical value to each stock
  • Allows users to create their watchlists and scans
  • relatively cheap


  • Algorithms are not well explained, and analysis periods are unclear
  • Most features can be mimicked using advanced charting software and stock scanners.
  • The price prediction feature is of very little use to serious traders

What Is Stockinvest? Is It Legit And Working In 2022?

The human psyche always indicates that greed and desire will cost you money. And the only way to keep growing your money is to invest in stocks. Have you heard of StockInvest? If you haven’t, that’s fine because we’re here to tell you all about the same!

But then, greed can be so influential that your desire only multiplies when your stock price goes up, and you don’t want to sell your assets when prices finally go down. Experts even say that only one in five traders is successful in the stock market. The only way to success? Play by all the rules of the market, not against them.

What Is StockInvest?

In 2016 StockInvest website was launched in Vilnius, Lithuania. StockInvest is manage by UAB Exigam and provides us with financial data and stock analysis commentary on nearly 30,000 organizations or companies listed on the stock exchange. The purpose of the site? The popular site aims to help investors decide on buying and selling stocks.

From collaborating with 20,000 independent stock traders to collaborating with 60,000 traders per month, the StockInvest website has seen tremendous growth over the period above. What began with the stock market in the United States later expanded into the European stock exchanges, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Australian Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The best part? Individual traders may request stock price predictions from other traders. And that’s not all. List-building tools can also assist traders in generating stock trading ideas based on their preferences and trading style. In addition, the knowledge provided is self-explanatory, easy to understand and in-depth for both business professionals and newcomers.

Trade Better With StockInvest By Your Side

As we have already mentioned, one in five traders is successful in the stockInvest markets. So if you’ve been investing for a relatively long time, chances are you’re that lucky investor. But again, as mentioned above, you can only play this game successfully if you play by the rules of the market.

And how can you follow the market rules while still figuring out which stocks to invest in? Only when you understand how to read and analyze financial and technical statistical data is your ticket to ten times better performance. This is where StockInvest steps in to save the day.

The value investor or trader will continue to say that value is the only truth. But if that’s true, why have several large companies experienced massive declines despite making more money than ever? We tell you why because the market decides the price, whether you agree or not.

Features Of StockInvest

1. Lists

One of the best features of the Stockinvest website is all the listings on the sign. The platform makes things super easy by dividing all listings into two main categories: Selling and Buying listings. For example, the Top 100 Buy list can help users quickly find the top 100 stocks based on the platform’s algorithm.

Similarly, the Top 100 Sell list helps users find out the top hundred selling setups based on the platform’s algorithm. Finally, every trader should refer to another list: the Golden Star Indicators. A more recent version of the Golden Cross, Golden Star analyzes 50 to 200 days of data to define even a single technical signal.

2. Individual Stock Predictions And Ratings

All traders love StockInvest’s wealth of data available on each stock page. After all, StockInvest us forecasts and reviews are exactly what people are looking for on sites like these. The Stock Viewer feature allows users to access technical indicators like moving crosses and pivot points.

The platform offers a lot of information and allows users to request predictions from the StockInvest community on the stocks they are interested in. However, it should be note that although experienced traders are unaffected by these predictions, novice traders will benefits the most.

3. Customization Options

One of the best aspects of using StockInvest is the simple user interface with customizable navigation buttons and dropdown menus. While the site isn’t a charting platform yet, it allows users to create custom watchlists, and in bulk at that.

Of course, such customization options benefit users from each listing being check by the platform’s algorithm. This includes all sell, buy and hold recommendations.

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  • AMC stockinvest


StockInvest us reviews from so many users worldwide indicate how good the site is for new traders. Yes, it is not suitable for experienced investors. But at the same time, not all pages are intend for all target groups.

So if you are new to the stock market, you can keep up with the demand by following StockInvest. Forget little things like StockInvest’s cost to us because the returns you get after investing are automatically offset against any expenses you pay. Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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