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Data Salvage Solid Ways to Take Back your Data

Data Salvage: Solid Ways to Take Back your Data

Salvage data lets you recover a corrupt database using only the information that is available. Nearly all the data in the database is recover, but not all of it. Only data defined by public and metadata tables are recovered. Any tables, views, indexes, and other objects defined by your applications will have to be created again since table definitions cannot be recovered.

Salvage is the database ID for product listings in the eBay database. Sellers set this value when they create a listing. Once set, the value cannot be change and must be unique for all listings in the database.

This set of Solid Ways to Take Back Your Data offers a new way to explore the possibilities of digital self-sovereignty. The web is no longer a place rule by the individual, but rather a place where we are becoming players in the corporate game. Businesses use our personal data to make money, while we remain more or less oblivious to their tactics and motivations. And so today, data is being stolen without our consent, sold without our knowledge and use without our permission. This first-ever comic book with an original story authored by Tim Berners-Lee features twenty different concepts for people looking to make their way out of this situation, jump off the collection treadmill or just take a peek behind the scenes.

In today’s world, people are online all the time, so it’s no surprise that privacy has become a very hot topic. People are concerned about how their personal data is use, and rightfully so. The tips below give you some ways to protect your privacy and take back your data. Some of them are easy to do while others require more work, but they all show the importance of being vigilant.

Take charge of the data you share online

Adjust your privacy settings

Delete the apps you don’t use

Download a passcode manager

Update your software and browser

Easily find and delete what you no longer need in a few simple clicks. Use the Activity Log to find photos, videos, and posts from places or devices you’ve previously used. Then choose what to keep or delete.


Several years ago I found myself in the unenviable position of having to switch from Windows XP to Windows 8. It was not a fun time, and it made me realize just how much I value security in the digital age. Luckily I came across some great tools that have continued to be useful for me moving forward. Rolling up into one long list (because if I separated these into categories it would have been way too long), here are my favourite ways to take back your data.

We hope this article will help you identify your way forward in the age of internet giants. We live in a time where our data is being collect, sold, and used by companies. Magically, we have given the responsibility of monitoring and protecting this data to a few key companies. Surprisingly, we have no control over who sees and gains access to our data. And this is because we, as users, don’t know what to do about it

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