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Crafting the perfect product page copy

The ABCs

Arguably, product pages are the backbone of any business’ website. As they are often the gateway between your prospects and a conversion – they play a crucial role in ensuring your website is optimized for conversions. If you want to skip straight to A class product pages, hiring a professional website content writer is your best bet. But if you’d prefer to execute them in house, don’t fret. It’s possible.

In this article we help you perfect the art of writing product pages without the need to outsource. How? By diving into our huge collection of tips, tricks and advice for developing product page copy that slam. Many of these have been picked up from seasoned professionals in the space. Enough preamble – let’s jump into it.

Spotlight your USP 

The golden rule of product pages is having a USP and platforming it! If your prospect is going to have to fish through a stream of different pages before or after yours to find the solution they’re after – you need to have something pretty compelling to make sure you stand out. Is your product more cost-effective than others? More efficient? Better quality? Do you have a unique feature that others on the market don’t have? It’s important to communicate clearly what you do better and why that matters.

Go heavy on your benefits 

Leading on from your USP, you need to make sure the other benefits of your product are clearly outlined and celebrated. Can you help businesses cut down on their admin time? Can you help them improve communication with their customers? Can you make the daily lives of your audience easier? Focus on 3-5 key benefits, and try to attach cemented figures or statistics wherever possible to back up your assertions. Regardless of what they are, benefits are a standard and influential element of any product page. Especially if you’re sending traffic from other sources, like LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

Address pain points 

While highlighting the positive benefits and features of your product are crucial, it’s difficult to see results from these pages if they aren’t connected to the pain points of your intended audience. The last thing you want to do is seem generic. No one will click. After all, why does anything matter to someone if it’s not immediately relevant to them? It’s only when you attach a benefit to a specific problem of your key personas, that you show you can provide real value to them. Get specific, appeal to pain points, and you’re immediately set up for success and fruitful outcomes.

Provide testimonials and social proof 

Again, amongst the sea of product pages you’re competing against, it’s critical that you establish your trustworthiness and credibility in order to make an impact. To address this need, as with most website pages, we’d suggest adding a whole bunch of testimonials and customer logos. And highlighting them appropriately. The more you can provide here, the better. More is more!

Feature an offer and have a clear CTA 

If you have a relevant offer to the product you’re promoting, we’d recommend you seek to include it on the product page. If you can attach a sense of urgency (e.g. offer expires in 30 days) or appeal to FOMO (fear of missing out): even better! And give your offer a call out box or some compelling framing so that it’s the first thing prospective customers see and are drawn in by.

That’s a wrap! 5 shortcuts to exquisite product page copy that draws in prospective customers, puts you ahead of the competition and CONVERTS. Start executing these today and see the results stack up.

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