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EXCLUSIVE: Midway has done its second season, and BET+ has selected the third season of Carl Weber’s The Family Business, based on Weber’s bestselling crime novel series. Production is set to begin next month in Los Angeles. You can see a trailer below.

The family business follows the Duncans, a close-knit noble family who, by day, own and operate an exotic car dealership in New York City. At night, their commercial activities are more illicit.

Season 2 began with the Duncans initiating a plan to expand business operations with their signature drug “heat”. As their goals gain momentum and solidify their position in the game, rival factions seek opportunities to thwart their success and force a hostile takeover—another half of Season 2 returns on December 31.

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“We are honoured and eternally grateful to BET/Viacom for this opportunity to employ and empower our stellar cast and crew during these unprecedented times,” said Nikaya D Brown Jones, Executive Producer and Showrunner. “Getting a Season 3 is a testament to the strength and tenacity of our entire Family Affair team and our ability to uplift and entertain our audience in the midst of it all.”

Tri Destined Workspaces produce the series. Jones serves as showrunner and executive producer; Trey Haley is co-executive producer and director. Moreover weber is the show runner and executive producer for Urban Books Media. Ernie Hudson is also an executive producer.

[FIRST LOOK] ‘Carl Weber’s The Family Business’ revient pour la Saison 3

In 2018, Carl Weber’s covet crime novel The Family Business was adapted into an eight-episode television series for BET. The series was a hit when it first aired and moved to BET+ for Season 2. Fans will be happy to know that Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 3 is also coming to the BET+ platform on October 14…

The Family Business follows the Duncan family, left behind by patriarch, LC Duncan, played by Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, OZ). Hailing from the fast city bricks of Jamaica, Queens, they are known daily as one of the most honest people in the world. They run a car dealership, but their nightlife reveals something entirely different. And more dangerous.

Carl Weber’s “The Family Business” Adapted As Eight-Episode Tv Series

The Family Business Series Comes to BET

New York Times best-selling author, editor and filmmaker Carl Weber are again making the leap from books to the big screen. Weber’s coveted crime drama novel The Family Business has been adapted into an eight-episode television series, premiering November 13 exclusively on BET.

Directed by Trey Haley. Moreover the project focuses on the prestigious Duncan family, their love, their lies and everything in between. Hailing from bricks and mortar of fast-pace Jamaica, Queens, during the day, they are known as some of the most honest people, but their nightlife reveals something very different and far more dangerous.

Reaching retirement age, family patriarch LC Duncan, played by Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, OZ), finds himself at a crossroads as he must begin to decide which of his sons should take over and take charge of his thriving car dealership business. But while naming a legacy holder may weigh heavily on his mind, high-profile politicians, mafia gangsters and drug cartels are on his back. Suddenly, the Duncans are force to stay together or die apart, and it’s up to them.

Is Carl Weber’s Family Business Back?

Carl Weber’s ‘The Family Business’ Renewed for Season 3 by BET+ – Deadline. So is Orlando Duncan dead? Orlando is not over, and he still had work to do unless they changed the books. With that in mind, where can I watch Season 2 of Carl Weber’s The Family Business?

Currently, you can Stream “Carl Weber’s Family Business – Season 2” on fuboTV, Bet+ Amazon Channel, or buy it as a download from Google Play Movies, Vudu, and Amazon Video.

Also, Is Double Cross Back?

Crime-fighting drama “Double Cross,” starring Jeff Logan and Ashley. However williams as the vigilante “Wonder Twins” Eric and Erica Cross, returns for Season 3 after the second-season finale of the series revealed the culprit behind the sex trafficking ring.

Who Kills LC Duncan?

The Duncans send Junior and Paris to find Lou’s killer. HEAT is a huge hit, and everyone is excited about the possibilities except Chippy. A Duncan dies at the hands of the Zuniga.

Antoine & Spencer Holmes

Will There Be A Double Crossover Season 3?

ALLBLK Double Cross Season 3 will return in 2022. Erica and Eric Cross are the “miracle twins” who decide to take matters into their own hands after a sudden spike in sex trafficking in their neighbourhood.

Will There Be A Season 4 Of House Divide?

A House Divided Season 4 will air in 2022 on ALLBLK. The Sanders family legacy is threaten by the death of their matriarch, a government investigation and newly uncovered secrets.

Are Rio And Paris Twins In The Family Business?

From the sheets of the New York Times, bestselling series The Family Business, Carl Weber and Eric Pete bring you To Paris with Love. However a solo story about their two most popular characters to date: the brilliant, sexy, and deadly Paris. Duncan. and his flamboyant and cunning twin brother, Rio.

Does Netflix Have The Family Business?

Family Business is a 2019 French television series create and directed by Igor Gotesman. … The show was order to series, and the first season premiere on Netflix on June 28, 2019. It was quickly converted for a second season in July 2019 and premiered on September 11, 2020.

How Much Damage Does The Family Business Do?

However. The family business is a weapon at the soldier’s disposal, the arsonist, the mechanic and the brute. It has a 33% larger clip size, for 8 per clip. It has a 20% damage penalty in exchange for a 15% faster rate of fire. However is similar in design to the original shotgun.

Who Plays Imani In Double Cross?

“Double Cross” was create to highlight the horrors of sex trafficking, and we strongly condemn any attempt to ignore such a serious issue. Also responded to the news on Twitter on Friday, August 28. She would have been chosen to embody the character of Imani for season 2 of the series.

Family Business 4 – Reprint (Family Business) by Carl Weber

National bestselling authors Carl Weber and La Jill Hunt return in the newest instalment of the wildly popular Family Business series. Wherever there is a Duncan, trouble is never far behind. Get ready for another roller rest ride with The Family Business 4.

Carl Weber’s ‘The Family Business’ Renewed For Season 3 By BET+

The family business follows the Duncans, a tight-knit, honest family who, by day, own and operate an exotic car dealership in New York City. At night, their commercial activities are more illicit.

Series stars Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Javicia Leslie, Sean Ringgold, Tami Roman, Miguel A. Nunez, Arrington Foster, KJ Smith, Dylan Weber, Yadi Valerio and Emilio Rivera return for Season 3.


We lost Baby and Doll in this episode of Family Business, a punishment for pulling a gun on Alexander Cora because his wife had to do the work herself. However could feel Sebastian’s pain as he walked into the room, seeing his daughters dead on the floor.

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