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The best-selling Christmas cards 2022 are fresh off the press! Whether florals, crafts or the classics are in fashion this year, we’ve got the card you’ll be proud to create and send.

The first is the first. Ten reasons your photo cards will be super unique this year:

  1. Personalize with a favourite photo (or four!)
  2. Go back and add more photos or write your annual family update
  3. Funny patterns on the back of the card.
  4. So many seasonal feelings – we love you all!
  5. Portrait, landscape, full screen and multiple photo layouts make your pictures shine
  6. Tons of fonts and colours for maximum customization. Check out our custom holiday card designs for added sparkle!
  7. Choose between letterhead or photo paper
  8. Card cutouts available with square, jagged, fancy or rounded corners
  9. Envelopes included (plus an extra for any mistakes!) with free return address printing options

It’s so easy to send best wishes for the holiday season

One of the biggest dilemmas is what to write on your Christmas cards each year. If words aren’t your thing, then definitely consider the following Christmas card ideas or read our blog post on moody Christmas card ideas:

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  2. Happy Holidays!
  3. Updates alternately
  4. Favorite moments all year round.
  5. What to expect in 2022.
  6. Updates about your work, children and hobbies.

Think about the time you spent with the recipient of the greeting card.

Who should I send Christmas cards to?

Family, friends, college buddies, co-workers (you can leave them on desks if you don’t want to mess with addresses), and even ex-colleagues (this is one of my favourites). I regularly send cards to people who don’t correspond with me, but they often tell me how much they appreciate receiving them! Maybe I should refer you to this blog post

How do I design the card for Christmas?

A Christmas card design can be unique, whether a sweet phrase or a family photo. With online card templates on the Internet, you can send a wonderful, personal and loving Christmas greeting. Of course, if you decide to design the maps yourself, many elements are available to create the map.


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