7 Famous Crypto Billionaires And Millionaires

Who does not know about Cryptocurrency? 

They are the talk of the town for the last few years. Its popularity keeps on increasing leaps and bounds with the boom it creates in the Financial market.

The year 2021 went on to become an extreme peak  time for Cryptos as they skyrocketed.

This growth magically went on to change the fortunes of many of them.

Some of the people earned billions through investment in Cryptos and many others went on to get a space in the millionaires club.

Are you not able to restrain your excitement now?

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In this article, we are discussing some of the Famous Crypto Billionaire and Millionaires.

Why You Must Go For Crypto?

There are certain reasons that you must go for Crypto. Cryptocurrency definitely provides advantages to investors.

So let’s discuss why investors are driven toward investment in Cryptocurrency and why more and more people should come into this investment platform.

1. Proof Against Frauds

The first thing that comes under this is Fraud Proof. When Cryptocurrencies are created, transactions are kept stored in public ledgers. And the best thing is that all the identities of the investors or owners are encrypted.

Because the currency is decentralized, you own it. Decentralized means, there is no control of Government and other organizations. And the fun lies there.

2.  Identification Of Theft

The ledgers go on to ensure that all the Transactions between the “ digital wallets” are able to compute the accurate balance. All the transactions are checked thoroughly to ensure that the coins that are used are owned by the present spenders.

Moreover, the Blockchain employed in this ensures that the transactions are secured through encryption and “Smart Contract”. Such kind of security you are going to get through the following framework.

3. Accessibility

Accessibility, though one of the basic features, is an important one. Nearly a billion people with access to the Internet can benefit from the same ecosystem.

A digital framework provides individuals with accessibility while trading on Bitcoin.

4. Instant Settlement

Why does Cryptocurrency have Value? Blockchain is the actual reason behind it. Cryptocurrency is famous among users because of its ease of usage.

You only need Internet Connectivity. You go on to be your own bank,  making payments and money transfers.

5. Be Your Owner

Is there any other Electronic Cash System in which you own your account? The answer is simple and easy. Cryptocurrency is the only platform that provides you with the edge and leverage of business.

Famous Crypto Billionaires And Millionaires

As mentioned Cryptocurrency has changed the fortunes of some people. There is no doubt about it for sure.

So we are discussing some of the famous  Billionaires and Millionaires. This is discussed in backway order.

1. Sone Chi-Hyung, $3.7 Billion

He is the founder of Upbit.  It is South Korea’s largest Cryptocurrency exchange.  He is a beneficiary of South Korea’s $ 46 billion Cryptocurrency business. He owns a quarter of  Upbit’s parent company.

2. Cameron  Winklevoss And Tyler Winklevoss, $4 Billion

The twin brothers amassed Crypto forties worth billions each. The brothers followed Gemini, and continued to add digital fortunes to their name.

3. Christ Larsen, 4.3 Billion

Larsen is the Co-founder and the executive chairman of Blockchain Company Ripple.XRP. Now this company is the 8th largest Cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

4. Garry Wang, $5.9 Billion

Wang is the Chief Technology Officer of the FTX Crypto exchange. And he owns a massive 16.5 % of global operations as well as more than $600  million FTT, exchanging native tokens.

5. Brian Armstrong,  $6.6 Billion

Brian Armstrong owns Coinbase. And he is the entrepreneur and investor in his company.

6. Sam Bankman Fried, $24 Billion

Bankman-Fried is the owner and CEO of FTX, one of the major and most trusted Cryptocurrency exchanges. He also manages his assets through the Bitcoin trading firm that he launched.

7. Champaign Zhao, $65 Billion

Champaign Zhao is the founder and CEO of  Binance, the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in the world.


That Crytpcurrecy showed new faith and belief to its investors, is not a hidden fact. It is turning people from the rags to the riches.

Therefore there is no reason for you to invest in Cryptocurrency and change your fortune.

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