3 free and 1 paid promotional method for Instagram: what works in 2022

In 2022 it is not possible to reach success on any social media platform without any knowledge about the social media marketing sphere: this is why we have created this article. We’re going to tell you about 3 free and 1 paid promotional methods for IG: these work today and can help you to overcome the tough competition that goes on between the bloggers on this platform.

So, do you need to buy Instagram followers, is there a way to do things yourself and not spend money on the services of a professional SMM manager, and what free methods are actually working and can help with gathering your first subscribers? Keep on reading to find out!

What can you do for free

The times when mutual liking and following were working have gone to the past, and today you have to be a little bit more creative whilst trying to save some money and promote your page for free. Well, there are two options that work greatly: using highly specific hashtags, commenting and activity chats. Last two are taking lots of time and energy from a content creator, but they are worth it. In activity chats that content creators just like you create on What’s App and in Telegram profile owners gather to give each other much needed support. They share the links to the posts that need some validation and leave thumbs up and comments under those, sometimes they even subscribe to one another. Depending on what a particular person needs right now. Surely, it is not “for free” completely: you have to do a favor in return. So get ready to spend some time in these chats if you want to get some support.

Commenting is a method when you comment on the popular posts of bigger bloggers (from your or neighboring niche) and try to interact with the audience of this blogger and attract them to viewing your content as well. However, this should be done politely and friendly, and you should never ever try to discard the blogger whose posts you’re using in your comments.

What is available for money

But the best things are paid today, don’t you agree? The same goes to the promotional methods; if you want quick results, there is nothing better then simply go and buy real Instagram followers for your page.

But you need to make sure that you’re purchasing quality services, because subs that are bots and fakes can even harm your profile and lead you into the shadow ban easily. On the contrary, real subs will increase the number of your followers and at the same time will induce the natural process of promotion: IG algorithms will see that your page is having lots of interactions with real pages and will start perceiving your content as appealing and valuable; therefore, your content will start getting into recommendations way more often.

Sum up

Try free methods first, but don’t hesitate to put money into the paid ones. Check their quality and never try to buy too much: the best promotion is the one that looks totally natural and expectable to the audience that you already have.

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