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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Dubai Mall!

One of the most iconic metropolises in the world when it comes to defining the modern age is without doubt Dubai. This oceanside city in the United Arab Emirates does some things that no other simply can. It is a sheer monument to the power and innovation of modern consumerism on a level that is truly beautiful and represents some of the most coveted city views the globe over.

With beautiful blue waters, gorgeous sandy beaches, the most incredible architecture in the modern world, and some of the best shopping on the earth, Dubai is a must-see travel destination.

One of the most incredible attractions in Dubai is its world-famous Mall that attracts millions of tourists each year. This ode to modern-day consumerism is the largest, most ornate, and well-crafted shopping experience in the world and it earns every ounce of fame that it has.

If you are thinking about adding Dubia to your travel itinerary this year, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Dubai Mall!

How to Keep Your Bags Safe In Dubai Mall

Before we dive into the Mall, let’s take a moment to talk about how to keep your bags and luggage safe on your visit to the Dubai Mall. Dubai is a common layover destination for many international flights, so chances are if you aren’t spending the weekend in this incredible city, you’ll probably at some point pass through.

Regardless of whether you are passing through or spending a few days exploring it, the safety of your bags and luggage should never hold you back. If you have a layover that allows you enough time to pop on over to the Mall and check out this world-famous destination, then your luggage shouldn’t hold you back.

That’s why Bounce has created the world’s most convenient, secure, easy to use luggage storage option. All you do is download the Bounce app, search for the nearest secure location near you, schedule your drop off and pick up and that’s it.

Remember, Dubai is also one of the great shopping capitals of the world, so Bounce is a great way to store your last haul so you can free up to really enjoy dinner too. No matter what your luggage storage in Dubai needs may be, Bounce has you covered.

Now let’s get back to the Mall.

The Largest Mall in the World

The Dubai Mall remains the largest Mall in the world and even though it opened its doors almost fifteen years ago in 2008, it has not stopped shocking tourists with its sheer magnitude. Spanning over 12 million square feet,  which is the equivalent size to more than 50 football fields. This Mall is absolutely worth a day trip through Dubai, but may take more than just one day to see fully!

There is an Entire Park Dedicated to Gaming

This virtual reality gaming park is unlike anything else in the world. With engaging VR experiences, you don’t want to miss out on this particularly unique aspect of the world’s largest mall.

The Dubai Mall Aquarium

Yes, the world’s largest Mall also houses the world’s largest indoor aquarium and it’s well worth the time it takes to tour. So if you feel like taking a breakdown from any of the world-class shopping found inside, and stretching your legs while looking at some tiger sharks, jellyfish, or octopi, this is just the place to do it!

The Largest Cinema’s In the World

At this point, you are perhaps picking up on the theme that the Dubai Mall does the ‘Biggest’ game very well. When it comes to what we all want the biggest experience in, it’s gotta be cinema and the Dubai Mall does not disappoint.

This 22-screen cinema not only offers concierge services but also is one of the largest cinemas on the planet. If you wanna get the ultimate cinema emergence experience, you have to visit the Dubai Mall.

The Largest Candy Story

Ever wanted to tour Willi Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Well, on this side of reality the Dubai Mall is your closest bet. With some of the largest candy stores on the planet, this place will more than satisfy your sweet tooth.

One of the Most Visited Dubai Mall

If you make your shopping pilgrimage to Dubai’s Mall, you’ll be one of the millions of people each year that traffic these material grounds. The Dubai Mall is one of the greatest visited Malls on the entire planet.

Take a Break and Skate In Dubai Mall

Just in case taking a quick break and hitting the ice feels like the right move. The Dubai Mall also offers an Olympic-sized skating rink in the Mall itself.

You’ve Never Seen This Many Options

The Dubai Mall houses over 1200 stores in its 12 million square foot facility. This is truly the epicentre of any shopper’s greatest fantasy. Not only that but chose from hundreds of great places to eat and enjoy an afternoon with friends.

The Dubai Mall isn’t just famous for being obscenely huge. And strikingly unique, it offers the best shopping on the planet and delivers a wonderful experience.

With So Much to See and Do – Why Leave?

With such a huge amount of shopping and fun things to do like the indoor VR park. The aquarium, why not stay a little while? Housing a luxury hotel with over 250 rooms. You can give yourself the time and space to truly see and experience everything. The Dubai Mall has to offer you.

This fun luxury getaway will keep you on your toes and is a great way to spend the night exploring. The Worlds largest Mall.

The Worlds Largest Acrylic Panel

As if the aquarium wasn’t enough. The Dubai Mall also houses the world’s largest marine life acrylic panel that you have to see to believe.

So whether you stop over for the night or just pass through on a day trip. The Dubai Mall is well worth your time!

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